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Weekend Recap Rockies @ Pirates….

The Rockies were lucky to get the one win they did get out of the series with Pittsburgh. It was nice to see them not cave in to bad umpiring and come back to beat the Pirates 3-1 on Friday. What happened on Saturday and Sunday only continues to add to the frustration of fans, and I’m sure players and coaches. Manny Corpas honestly is a headcase when he is on the mound. I say that to mean that his problems on the mound are more mental than physical. I’m sure there probably an issue or two with mechanics as well, but what do I know, I’m not a pitching coach in any way shape or form.

The Rockies have still only won 2 series this season, the last coming against the Padres at the end of April. Losing this series to the Pirates has got to be the lowest of the low on the season thus far. The only thing worse would be to lose to the Nationals (11-25) who come to Coors Field the second week of July.

The Rockies are in Atlanta for 4 games. Can Jason Marquis (4-3) stay above .500 with a win today against Derek Lowe (5-1)?


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