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Game 31 Recap, Astros 1 @ Rockies 12…

Now first things first. Last night was an awesome display of offense and defense, especially the pitching of Ubaldo Jimenez and the power displayed by Ian Stewart, Brad Hawpe and Todd Helton. Now just like last week, it’s only a single game, because after an 11 run game against the Giants before the Rox went on to lose the next three, so I’m not going to get too excited about this. Not until it becomes more habit than something that happens once every blue moon. I’m not saying the Rockies need to score 10 plus runs every night, but consistency on offense needs to happen alot sooner than later if the Rockies are going to have any shot at anything this season. The Rockies can make it three in a row tonight against former Rockies pitcher, Mike Hampton (1-3) with Jason Marquis (4-2) on the hill for the Rockies.

The player who I have been the most impressed with over the last week or so has to be Seth Smith. Smith has played left field very well and has improved it seems with every start out there. His .295 batting average, .449 on-base percentage, and .508 slugging percentage aren’t too shabby either. I think the Rockies outfield is finally set in stone with Smith, Fowler, and Hawpe.


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