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Hurdle’s vote of confidence, what does it mean?

“If I felt it was going to make the difference in winning more games, we would do something. But I just don’t think that’s the case right now.” – Dick Monfort

This quote comes from an article in the Denver Post this morning and we all know that usually when a manager or coach receives a public vote of confidence from management or ownership, it usually signals the end is near. I did say usually. Nothing is usual about the Rockies besides the fact they are a team of average players, with few exceptions, no leadership on or off the field and will never amount to much more than being a below .500 ballclub that will finish last in their division each and every year. I know that is harsh criticism, but take it for what it’s worth. I can drive down to Colorado Springs if I want to see potential or what the future may hold for baseball in the state of Colorado. This season’s team was not built to compete in the pathetic division that is the NL West. This team was built to showcase it’s young talent and hope to spark another 21 out of 22 run like in 2007, regardless of when it were to happen during the season. The ownership wants to simply put people in the stands and nothing more.

“We have actually outscored our opponents (146 to 143), which usually translates (into a winning record),” Monfort said. “It tells you our timing is off, that we are capable but not consistent.”

This statement shows that Rockies ownership doesnt totally get it. When I read 146 to 143 in outscoring opponents, I see that as a problem. No it’s not usually a winning record in most cases, especially not when you’re 30 games into the season. In case you’re wondering Mr. Monfort, it means that your team doesn’t score enough runs, so the offense is average at best and defensively the team is not good enough to win games and keep other teams from scoring, and that starts with the pitching staff. The Rockies are 2-3 on the current 8 game homestand and I think they will finish it 3-5. And this is somehow acceptable to the Monforts? Who states,

“We aren’t looking to put the burden on one person or blame one person,” Monfort stressed. “We are looking to get better.”

Please explain to the fans what your definition of “better” is. Will 3-7 on the upcoming 10 game roadtrip continue to be seen as acceptable or getting better? As I’ve posted before, this offseason nothing the team did made anyone feel as if on paper that this was a better team than the 2008 team. They made a lot of moves and have very little to show for it for a team that is 12-18 and 8 1/2 games out of first place. Pretty soon it’s going to be too late to try and make a run at the playoffs, if something doesn’t happen soon. Let’s be real for a minute Dick and Charlie Monfort, can we? The fans, media and players all know that Hurdle is going to be fired if things don’t go as expected this season. If you want to get better, my suggestion to you is that instead of holding hands and dancing in circles with your manager and gm, that you lift the burden off the players shoulders and the tension in the clubhouse of wondering when it’s going to happen that Hurdle is fired and go ahead and do it. Give them a fresh start. If this team is going to have any chance to turn things around this season you need to do it for them if you don’t want to do it for any other reason. The longer you continue to do nothing, make excuses and believe that everything will work itself out, the more you alienate the remaining fanbase you have left.


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