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Melvin leads off, is Hurdle on deck?



Not yet 30 games in, the Diamondbacks Bob Melvin is the first manager to be fired on the season in Major League Baseball and the fact that the firing comes within the NL West begs the question as to whether or not Hurdle will be the next to go. Does Melvin’s firing further increase the pressure on Hurdle or does it help to secure him through the remainder of the season regardless of how the team performs?  That’s a question that I can’t answer but I would like to believe that the Rockies as a team will have to show more consistency than it has been shown so far this season, which honestly has not been alot, if Hurdle is allowed to keep his job.

The current game of “win one, lose two” is not going to do it for the fans and shouldn’t do it for the Rockies front office either. The team is sorely in need of consistency and needs to begin putting together consecutive wins. What improvement does this show when it plays in this fashion that it has so far this season? The majority preseason prognosticators had the D’backs predicted to finish 2nd in the division and yet 29 games into the season and 8.5 games out of first place, the D’backs management didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on Melvin despite the D’backs playing in a weak NL West division, the absence of Brandon Webb (DL), a slow start for Justin Upton, and a year left on Melvin’s contract. How long will it be before the Rockies follow suit with Hurdle? That will depend alot on what happens with the D’backs. If they suddenly begin to turn things around, win games, play up to or even beyond their potential and move up in the division and the Rockies remain playing at their current state of inconsistency or worse, then the Rockies will be forced in some ways to make a change. Right now I’m still holding to May 25th as one of the dates that I believe the Rockies will get a new manager. So this eight game homestand is of extreme importance in my opinion and even more will be the ten game roadtrip that follows.

At 12-17, 5 games below .500 did the D’backs maybe hit the panic button too soon or was now just as good a time as any to make a change? That’s hard to answer and will depend on what happens on the field immediately over the next month or so. To the Rockies credit, they have been patient with Hurdle giving him time to turn this team around from a disasterous 2008 season. If this team is going to compete for anything resembling a playoff run, a change will need to come soon, either in the team winning games or in a new manager. Or this season will be another one of disappoinment and of what could’ve been for Rockies fans and we certainly deserve better.


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