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Game 27 Recap Giants 8 @ Rockies 3…

Wow! Talk about night and day being the difference in this afternoon’s game and last night, both figuratively and literally. So what is it that happened this afternoon? The Rockies put up 11 runs the night before and barely manufacture 3 runs today, all of which come in the final innings. Jason Marquis falls to 4-2 on the season, ending his unbeaten streak at Coors Field. Again another game of missed opportunities in scoring. Marquis struggled early and then suffered also from a lack of run support throughout the game. Giants catcher Bengie Molina hits two homeruns upping his total on the season to 7.

What went right? Not a whole lot.

What went wrong? 5 runs given up in 3 innings to the Giants by Marquis. 3 errors committed by the Rockies.

Inside the Humidor Rockies game MVP is Ian Stewart who had 2 of the 3 RBIs for the Rockies.

NL WEST NOTES – The Arizona Diamondbacks have fired manager Bob Melvin. Replacing him is D’backs farm director A.J. Hinch.


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