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Game 26 Recap Giants 1 @ Rockies 11…

OK so I was wrong about it being a low scoring game. Who knew Randy Johnson would pitch so poorly? Maybe he was a little overconfident in looking for his 20 career victory over the Rockies, I dont know. Run support was more than plenty last night for the Rockies and they got on the scoreboard early and often. Ubaldo was outstanding to say the least. He was very efficient with his pitches and had great command.

What went right? Pitching, hitting, scoring. Rox were 4 for 9 in RISP, that 45% versus the Giants 0 for 5. Murton, Torrealba, and Helton all homered and accounted for 4 of the 11 runs scored. Fowler and Barmes accounted for 4 runs going 3 for 7 between them.

What went wrong? Other than Spilborghs and Atkins going 0 for 8, nothing.

Inside the Humidor game MVP is Ubaldo Jimenez.

Rockies can sweep the series this afternoon with Jason Marquis (4-1) going against Matt Cain (2-1) at 1:10 this afternoon.

5132THIS JUST IN: According to the Los Angeles Times, Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games for a positive drug test. Story here.


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