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Game 19 recap, Padres 4 @ Rockies 3

The Rockies showed some fight in the late innings, but again it was another issue of too little, too late as the Rockies threatened to score in the bottom of the 9th but were unable to prevail losing 4-3.

What went right? Jorge De La Rosa, striking out 6 and giving up only 2 earned runs through six innings. Dexter Fowler average is now .310 after a 2 for 5 night.

What went wrong? Not enough opportunities were cashed in by the Rockies who left 10 men on base and were 2 of 11 (19%) with runners in scoring position, while the Padres were 3 of 11 (27%). Manny Corpas gives up a run in the 9th and takes the loss, his second of the season. Tulowitzki hitting into an inning ending double play with runners on the corners in the 8th with the score tied 3-3.

Inside the Humidor Rockies player of the game – Jorge De La Rosa, despite giving up 2 runs in the third inning, he did strike out 6 batters. Any additional positive news out of the Rockies rotation is a good thing right now.

Can the Rockies bounce back this afternoon? Aaron Cook (0-1) goes against Kevin Correia (0-1) at 1:10pm.


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