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News and notes 4/27…

I dont usually read alot into rankings when it comes to sports, ok mostly when it comes to college football. But that’s for my own personal and biased reasons. But when it comes to other sports I read a little more into them after the first month of a season, because usually where a team is after that first month is where a majority if teams will remain throughout, unless a team makes some monster strides in wins or losses. has the Rockies ranked 29th in their power rankings this week just ahead of the Nationals. This ranking seems fitting since the Rockies do have the 2nd worst record in the majors at 6-11, ahead of the Nationals who have the worst record at 4-13. Looking at both teams schedules over the next three days, the Rockies seem to have the easier schedule facing the Padres than the Nationals do in facing the Phillies. But the Rockies have a few uncertainties, namely pitching with Jason Hammel making his first start of the season for the Rockies tonight after being acquired from Tampa and brief time in Triple A Colorado Springs. The second and third games of the series with the Padres have Jorge De La Rosa and Aaron Cook on the hill. Not exactly what I would call sure victories for the Rockies, with what we’ve seen so far this season. The Padres themselves are overachieving at the moment sitting in 2nd place of the NL West with a record of 10-8, and just 2.5 games behind the Dodgers. While on the other hand, the Rockies are underachieving in every sense of the word in every aspect of the game. The team’s bright spots are certainly few and far between, Pitcher Jason Marquis and rookie center fielder Dexter Fowler immediately come to mind.

The Padres are 14th in the league in ERA (4.40) and 122 strikeouts. The Rockies are 25th with an ERA of 5.55 and 102 strikeouts. The Padres also are ahead of the Rockies in batting average ranked 21st (.254) while the Rockies are ranked 26th (.245). The good news for the Rockies is that the Padres are currently on a 2 game losing streak and the Rockies won’t have to face Jake Peavy in this series.

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal briefly comments on the Rockies manager Clint Hurdle being on the hot seat.


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