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Games 15 & 16 recap, Dodgers @ Rockies…

Too little, too late seems to be the theme for the last two games at Coors Field against the Dodgers. Aaron Cook struggled through his outing, walking six batters, giving up three runs through six innings. Cook threw 114 pitches and left with a no decision and is still winless on the season. Again both Grilli and Corpas struggled in the 8th and 9th innings and the Rockies failed to again come back like they did in the 8th to tie the game or win.

Last night Ubaldo Jimenez struggled in the first inning giving up 4 runs and 2 more in the 4th. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise to a lot of fans as yesterday’s temperature throughout the game was in the 40s and Jimenez is particularly not a fan of pitching in cold weather. The bullpen did a good job in relief of Jimenez, but the Rockies bats again came up short again by being shutout after the 5th inning. Smith, Hawpe and Atkins were the biggest players at the plate accounting for 5 RBIs, while Helton, Fowler, Torrealba, Barmes, and Tulowitzki went 0 for 17. 

The Rockies are sitting in last place in the NL West and are currently 7 games out. When do we as fans begin to see some consistency on a daily basis out of this team? When do the Rockies give the Matt Murton or Carlos Gonzalez a shot at playing? I ask this because this team needs a spark of any kind and I am not impressed with what I’ve seen out of Seth Smith so far. Hurdle has juggled the starting rotation more times than the staff has wins and with reason, but it’s time to juggle the lineup as well. We all know players don’t like to sit out games, but right now for the betterment of the team changes need to be made to get something going in the way of consistency, creating opportunities and consecutive wins.

Jason Marquis (2-1) will go against Clayton Kershaw (0-1) this afternoon at 1:10pm.


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