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Game 17 recap Dodgers 4 @ Rockies 10

The Rockies bounced back this afternoon but I’m far from saying that the team is back on track or that everything is ok because it’s not. If we could clone 4 more Jason Marquis, then it would be a start, but that simply is not the case. One win doesn’t constitute a cetain change in direction, but it is a beginning. Should the Rockies replicate over the next 3 games against the Padres, with what they did this afternoon, then I will be more certain to note their improvements and still remain cautiously optimistic on the remainder of the season. 

What went right? Marquis, who is continuing to look like the best acquisition made in the offseason by the Rockies got his third win of the season and is 5-0 in career starts at Coors Field. The bats woke up this afternoon, Fowler 3 for 4, Spilborghs and Barmes both were 2 for 4 each. Jeff Baker who went 1 for 4, had 3 RBIs. 

What went wrong? Chris Iannetta continues to struggle, going 0 for 3 with an average of .128. Tulo also went 0 for 3 and is batting .167.

Inside the Humidor MVP of the game is Jason Marquis.

Rockies begin a three game series against the Padres on Monday. Jason Hammel (0-0) will make his first start since being acquired by the Rockies, going against the Padres Chris Young (2-0).


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