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Game 11 recap, Rockies @ Dodgers…

So the Rockies are exactly where they were this time last year with the same record and the same numberof games behind in the division. This post is not necessarily a recap of what happened yesterday but more of what has not happened thus far this season and the expectations. Let’s be truly honest with ourselves for a moment. Did we really expect anything more from the Rockies this season? Think about it, go back to the off season and tell me what moves were made that had fans believing that this team was going to be significantly better than the team we had in 2008. There weren’t any, plain and simple.

There were glimmers of hope in the firings of the coaching staff with the exception of Apodaca, who somehow retained his job due to Hurdle’s loyalty to him. Screw loyalty! If Pat Bowlen can fire his long time friend Mike Shanahan, then firing Apodaca should be just as easy if not easier. Another glimmer of hope was the hirings of Don Baylor and Jim Tracy to the coaching staff, both moves will certainly pay off in the near future. Other glimmers of hope were the signings of Huston Street, Carlos Gonzalez, and Jason Marquis. But remember these are only glimmers of hope and not anything of major significance to give fans the idea that the Rockies were going to dominate the NL West. Street is off to a bad start, Gonzalez is in Triple A, and Marquis so far looks to be the only positive of any of the off season acquisitions. Take the two definitions of the word glimmer from and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

Glimmer -noun

1. a faint or unsteady light; gleam.
2. a dim perception; inkling.

So all the Rockies did in the offseason was offer a glimmer or two of hope. Not exactly a team ready to run away with the division I’d say. The good thing is that it is early and we are only 11 games into what is going to be an extremely long and tedious season by what we’ve seen so far. And if that serves as any indication, then the Rockies will be 12-15 games out of first by the middle of May.

So do we now begin to predict Hurdle’s date of departure? If it’s gonna happen, it’s gotta happen with enough of the season left in it to turn something around and salvage something out of it. I’m gonna take two dates, May 25th or June 11th, both of which are at the end of extended roadtrips.

I’m still holding out hope for the Rockies to find their groove and to begin to make some noise, but it wont happen if with ineffective pitching and hitting or with a manager who preached “the basics” during spring training and has yet to go back to the basics of managing a game or his team.


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