blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Back to the desert…

Jason Marquis (2-0) goes up against Jon Garland (1-1) this afternoon at Chase Field as the Rockies look to rebound from being swept by the Dodgers over the weekend. On paper, the Rockies may only win 1 out of 3 in the series, but that’s on paper and tonight may be their best chance for that win. The Rockies are 24th in pitching ERA (5.74) and 26th in batting average(.230). I know it’s doesnt sound so promising, but the D’backs are worse at hitting (29th .219 avg) and better at pitching (20th 4.96 ERA) than the Rockies. But the fact that they will not have to face Brandon Webb makes me think they could pull 2 wins out of this series. But that remains to be seen. Two wins would do the team some good before coming back home to meet the Dodgers on Friday. Franklin Morales is back with the team after a short stint in Triple A and will get the start on Tuesday. The bats are going to have to show up if the Rockies want to win in the desert this week.


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