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Game 7 recap, Rockies @ Cubs

What is there to recap honestly? The Rockies got hit with a buzzsaw in Ted Lilly who shut out the Rockies at Wrigley to a score of 4-0. Ubaldo Jimenez had a not so stellar outing, but he wasnt the only reason for the loss in my opinion. Though it was cold and wet, weather does not factor in either. The loss mostly stems from the offense or lack thereof. The Rockies only left 5 on base and they were lucky to get those 5 on at all with one hit and 4 walks on the day.

What went right? Nothing.

What went wrong? Everything. The Rockies have been shutout their last 16 innings over 2 games. Hurdle ejected arguing over a balk called on Jimenez in the 4th.

Today is a day off for the Rockies and though I don’t agree with the wacky scheduling, the day off is sorely needed at this point.


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