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Game 6 Recap Phillies @ Rockies…

champring1Yesterday afternoon’s loss to the Phillies basically comes down to mismanagement of the pitching staff by Clint Hurdle. We’ve seen this happen numerous times seasons before and today was certainly no different. Hurdle sometimes overthinks the pitching aspect of the game. 

“After six games, you’d like to see a game be put away with a 5-3 lead going into the eighth inning,” Rockies manager Clint Hurdle said. “That didn’t happen. These guys are capable.”

You’re right Hurdle, these guys are capable, some more than others, but when you have a lead you have to put the best players in the game to get you the desired result and you clearly didn’t do that. Of course hindsight is 20-20 and but I would’ve liked to see Jason Grilli or Alan Embree throw another inning maybe, and then you go to your closer Huston Street. I think the idea of a single batter or single inning reliever is a bit overrated, kinda like the pitch count. And with a team like the Rockies, maybe even a bit more overrated than with other teams.

What went right? The Rockies had a 5-1 lead after two innings. Cook had a solid outing. Fowler hits his second homerun of the season. Barmes gets 2 RBIs in the game.

What went wrong? Let’s start with the Rockies left 10 men stranded on base. They were held scoreless after the 2nd inning. Not to mention homeruns given up by Corpas and Street in the 8th and 9th innings. Hurdle’s mismangement of the game. Iannetta whose bat will come around I’m confident of, was o for 3 yesterday and currently batting .071. Helton who was “beltin” during spring training has cooled off considerably since the start of the season is batting .176. Phillies Ryan Howard and Chase Utley went 5 for 7 yesterday with 2 RBIs and 4 runs scored. Matt Stairs homerun in the 9th to give the Phillies a 2-1 series win.

Rockies take on the Cubs in a 2 games series this afternoon at and again on Wednesday. Ubaldo Jimenez (1-0, 0.00) goes against Ted Lilly (1-0, 9.00) for the Cubs.


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