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Game 3 Recap Rockies @ D’backs…

AP Photo by Eric Risberg

AP Photo by Eric Risberg

Franklin Morales has certainly given Clint Hurdle something to think about with his 6 inning, 6 strikeout performance this afternoon. Morales gave up a solo homerun in the first inning to Stephen Drew and cruised through the next five. Morales was scheduled to go down to Triple A after today’s start, but I don’t see that happening now. Hurdle will have to rethink at least the number 5 spot in the rotation. Do you make Hammel the 5th starter or go with someone else? The Rockies bats did their part as well with homeruns by Fowler, Torrealba and Stewart, all solo shots. Fowler’s homerun coming in his first at bat on the first pitch of the game.

I like what Hurdle did in this game, by giving each of the position players on the bench some time in the game. The only exception to that today was Helton. This is especially important when heading into a day off before Friday’s home opener.

What went right? Well for the second game in a row it was pitching. Morales today followed up an excellent performance by Ubaldo Jimenez on Tuesday. The Rockies won their first series of the season taking 2 of 3 on the road which is most important. Rockies outscored the D’backs in the 3 game series 21-10. Corpas works his 2nd inning in as many games and retains a zero ERA.

What went wrong? Hawpe, Baker, Atkins, and Barmes went 0-14 combined this afternoon.

Inside The Humidor player of the game is Franklin Morales (obvious choice I know).

The Rockies have an off day tomorrow and then open up at home on Friday against the World Champion Phillies.


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