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9 predictions for the Rockies in 2009…

As the 2009 season gets underway tomorrow or tonight if you want to be technical about it. Here is my look at what 9 things may or may not happen with the Rockies this upcoming season.

1. Troy Tulowitzki and Chris Iannetta will make their first all-star team this season.

2. Expect teams to make a run at Garrett Atkins once the Rockies are out of playoff contention and the Rockies will happily oblige. Jeff Baker will also be moved.

3. Ubaldo Jimenez to win 16 games.

4. Aaron Cook to break the team record in single season wins (17) with 19 wins.

5. Todd Helton bounces back this season with 20 HRs 110 RBIs.

6. The Rockies will finish the month of April just over .500 at 11-10

7. Rockies will finish the season 76-86.

8. Both Dinger and Bob Apodaca keep their jobs even after Hurdle loses his.

9. Dexter Fowler swipes 32 bases and is named Rookie of the Year.

Agree or disagree? Let’s see how the season plays out. See you at the ballpark!


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