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Rockies Review 3/23…

The Rockies beat the Brewers 7-1 this afternoon at Hi Corbett Field. Helton hits another homer his 4th of the spring. We can attribute Helton’s sudden power surge to Rockies hitting instructor Don Baylor. Helton’s display is further proof to his teammates and fans that this years team should have a better year at the plate statistically with Baylor’s help than they had last season without him.

Greg Reynolds, Joe Koshansky and Jhoulys Chacin were optioned to the minor league camp today. Reynolds and Koshansky are scheduled to begin the season in triple A Colorado Springs.  Dont be surprised to see either of these guys in Denver at some point during the season.

jeff-bakerIs Baker being shopped? It looks like the rumor of Jeff Baker possibly being traded has some legs to it. Renck according to his sources says Jeff Baker is being mentioned in connection with the Astros, Yankees, and Braves as possible suitors. I’d like to see maybe a trade of some sort to Atlanta for some pitching, which the Braves have more than enough of at the moment. Let’s keep an eye on this and see what develops.


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