blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Down down down…

First it was the economy and the stock market and now you can add the Rockies to that list of things in a downward spiral. The Rockies loss Tuesday to the Brewers now has them at 0-7. With a day off Wednesday, one positive was that the Rockies didn’t go 0-8 Wednesday afternoon.

Spring training as we all know is about finding out where certain players are in their development and whose talents will be best served at what level and putting the best product on the field at the beginning of the season. In saying all of that maybe there really isnt a need to worry right now with an 0-7 record. What happens during spring training doesnt always translate over into what will happen during the season.

I found it interesting watching the Cubs and White Sox game on WGN last night, that one of the first things mentioned was about the Rockies being 0-7 and whether or not Clint Hurdle is beginning to panic. Rockies will face the Cubs during spring training March 24th and 28th and in the regular season April 13-15 at Wrigley and at Coors August 7-10. Who knows? By August the Rockies could have a new manager.

Rockies face the Mexican National team this afternoon at Hi Corbett Field at 1:10pm.

Game 3 photos of spring training are now posted(see below). Game 4 photos against the Dodgers will be posted later today.


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