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Cuts like a knife…

Yes, I’m referencing an old Bryan Adams song. The recent cuts announced by the Rockies yesterday of seven players to minor league camp was somewhat of what was expected to a point, but then again maybe not so much.

Matt Murton and Carlos Gonzalez who will both end up in the Springs, I’m 50-50 on this. I know Fowler has been hot as of late in spring training at the plate and in the outfield but I believe Triple A is where he needs to start the season out of the gate. I say that because though Fowler is speedy and can cover alot of ground in center, but he has yet to log any mileage in the cavernous center field of Coors. Gonzalez and Spilly are your best bets to man center field. Maybe the idea at first will be to use Fowler in certain situations during the game and then have him sub in center field. Podsednik, though I am somewhat of a fan, should probably be waived. As for Murton, I would like to him see take over or at least platoon out in left field with Seth Smith. One of the problems with the Rockies is they like to create a logjam players at certain positions and they do nothing to either move the player in a trade or allow a player to be full time at set position. So this will mean Hurdle will again have a different lineup everyday almost in trying to be the nice guy or the players manager instead of having a set lineup and putting the best team on the field each night. I’m not saying you dont give players a break at times but without any consistency this team will have a team batting average and team fielding percentage both lower than they should be. I have to believe that Hurdle overthinks the game alot of the time and things backfire on him more times than not.

As for the “dragonslayer” Josh Fogg, is anyone really surprised by this? I hope not. Maybe he will get it together in triple A and we’ll see him at some point because we all know the pitching staff we’re going into the season with will look different week by week.

Edwin Bellorin didnt have a chance in hell of making the club with Iannetta and Torrealba already ahead of him and then Sal Fasano (who looks like he walked off the set of the recently cancelled show ‘Life on Mars’ on abc or That 70’s Show) comes in and has a good spring to boot.fasano





Other cuts were Greg Smith, Randy Flores, and Paul Phillips.

Rockies are currently leading the White Sox 2-0 in the 5th inning.


Weekend Recap…

I’m gonna take a quick look back at the weekend results as the Rockies enter their final week of spring training. The Rockies won 2 of 3 this past weekend, beating the Mariners 8-3 on Friday, and the Cubs 10-6 on Saturday. The Rox finished out the weekend losing to the Athletics 7-6 yesterday in Phoenix.

Just the facts… The Rockies heading into last weekend were 3rd in homeruns with 32 and 2nd in stolen bases with 33 this spring training.

Chris Iannetta’s North Carolina Tarheels have advanced to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament.

Joe Koshansky is picked up off the waiver wire by the Rangers in what for Texas fans is a good pickup.

The Week Ahead…

3/30 D’BACKS, 3/31 @White Sox, 4/1 @Royals, 4/2 @ D’backs, 4/3 @ Mariners, 4/4 MARINERS

Then next week, it all gets real as the Rockies open the season on the road against the Diamondbacks at Chase Field.

I’ve been saving my season predictions all spring training and so for the remainder of the week I will give my review on the rest of the NL West teams and where I think the Rockies will finish come season’s end.

Hot and cold…

If you’re in Tucson for spring training today, consider yourself lucky as it is 57 there right now and it is snowing here in Denver and 28 degrees, with blizzard-like conditions and dropping temps expected throughout the day.

Talking about hot, who was hotter yesterday than soon to be traded Jeff Baker? Baker went 4 for 4 with 2 homeruns on the day against the Angels in what looked more like a score from the pre-humidor day at Coors Field with a score of 18-11.

“It’s hard not to think about (trades) when friends are text-ing you about it,” Baker said. – Denver Post

It looks like if you are being currently rumored in trade talks that you upped your chances considerably yesterday. Yorvit Torrealba also homered yesterday with 3 RBIs.

The Rockies are hosting the Dodgers this afternoon at 2:10pm. I’m wishing right now I was back in Tucson, if even for a day and the warmer weather.

M.O.T.W. 3/25…

We’re halfway through the work week and I know I’m not the only one who is ready for the weekend to get here. So if you didn’t figure it out, MOTW is middle of the week, where I will just post some random thoughts on the Rockies, baseball, and other things that may or may not be related. 

First off, Is anyone really surprised that Japan won the WBC for a second time? The bigger question would be, was anyone suprised that the US wasn’t in the final round of the World Baseball Classic?

The Rockies fell to the Cubs yesterday 9-8. Is anybody in Major League Baseball going to have a solid 5 man rotation that’s not questionable going into the season? So to make the point the Rockies aren’t the only team with this problem.

According to Corey Brock this morning on, he sees the NL West as finishing like this. 1. Dodgers, 2. Giants, 3. D’backs, 4. Rockies, 5. Padres. Your thoughts?

Anyone with any Rockies roadtrips planned for the upcoming season? Where are you headed or where would you like to go? So far I’ve got 2 planned for the season. June 26-28 I’ll be in Oakland for the A’s series, with a quick trip over to Modesto on the 29th to watch the Rockies minor league Modesto Nuts play. I then will be off to D.C. for the series between the Rox and Nats, August 18-20.

Need a catcher? It looks as if the Rockies are also shopping Yorvit Torrealba according to Troy Renck.

Rockies face the Angels this afternoon at 2:05 in Tempe.

Rockies Review 3/23…

The Rockies beat the Brewers 7-1 this afternoon at Hi Corbett Field. Helton hits another homer his 4th of the spring. We can attribute Helton’s sudden power surge to Rockies hitting instructor Don Baylor. Helton’s display is further proof to his teammates and fans that this years team should have a better year at the plate statistically with Baylor’s help than they had last season without him.

Greg Reynolds, Joe Koshansky and Jhoulys Chacin were optioned to the minor league camp today. Reynolds and Koshansky are scheduled to begin the season in triple A Colorado Springs.  Dont be surprised to see either of these guys in Denver at some point during the season.

jeff-bakerIs Baker being shopped? It looks like the rumor of Jeff Baker possibly being traded has some legs to it. Renck according to his sources says Jeff Baker is being mentioned in connection with the Astros, Yankees, and Braves as possible suitors. I’d like to see maybe a trade of some sort to Atlanta for some pitching, which the Braves have more than enough of at the moment. Let’s keep an eye on this and see what develops.

The weekend recap…

The Rockies went 1-2 over the weekend, losing to the Rangers both on Friday 11-5, and on Saturday 8-4 in a home and home series. The Rockies did win Sunday against Cleveland 4-3.

Hopefully your NCAA bracket is looking pretty good still or at least better than mine. As for the Rockies and whose alma maters are still left in the tourney. Helton’s Tennessee Volunteers got booted out on Friday by Oklahoma State. Omar Quintanilla and Huston Street are now out as their Longhorns were beaten by my Blue Devils Saturday in a close game at the end. Brad Hawpe and Greg Smith are out as well as their LSU Tigers were beaten by Chris Iannetta’s North Carolina Tarheels. Others who were knocked out were Jeff Baker’s Clemson Tigers and Garrett Atkins’ UCLA Bruins. So that leaves Chris Iannetta as the only remaining Rockie whose school is still in the tournament. Just how far can his Tarheels go?

The week ahead…

3/23 BREWERS, 3/24 @Cubs, 3/25 @ Angels, 3/26 DODGERS, 3/27 @ Mariners, 3/28 CUBS

This afternoons game will be televised on FSN at 2:10pm.

The Friday Facts…

Patrick Saunders has a great article in the Denver Post on Jason Marquis and his attempts to improve his game, even tweaking his delivery. Marquis getting the start today against the Rangers at Hi Corbett Field has given up 3 runs in the first inning, an RBI to Josh Hamilton, and a 2 run homer to Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz.  

The Friday Facts…

The Miami Marlins are a step closer to a new stadium, as the city approved the measure yesterday by a 3-2 vote. Another vote is scheduled next week.

bud-seligBaseball “commissioner” Bud Selig really is not as bright as he believes he is. In the LA Times earlier this week is an article where the commish admits he didnt believe baseball would be affected by the current economy.

“I used to think we were recession-proof. I really did,” Selig said during the Angels’ 6-4 victory over the Chicago Cubs – Los Angeles Times

Now between the on going steroid controversy and this admission of stupidity about baseball and the economy, I think it’s safe to say it is time for a new commissioner. Mr. Selig you are clearly out of touch with reality, please do us the favor and resign. Selig also goes on to state.

 “This is different. Some economists are saying it’s the worst downturn since the Great Depression.”

What?! You saying Mr. Selig that you dont remember the Great Depression?

Game update – Apparently Apodaca’s tweaking of Jason Marquis’ delivery isnt going too well. Through 3 innings Marquis has given up 6 runs. Rockies trail 6-0.