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Roadtrip Feb 27…

OK first I must apologize for not having been online since my arrival. This has been my first access since sitting at my gate on Wednesday back in Denver. The first 2 days have been great, minus the losses to the D’backs and White Sox. The weather’s been in the upper 80s, low 90s. All of my photos will be posted after I get back to Denver on Monday. I’ll explain later.

Goodbye to the Rocky Mountain News today. Word here from Tucson is that the Rocky’s Tracy Ringolsby will retire and instead focus his efforts on enjoying his beloved University of Wyoming Cowboys athletics programs. His coverage will certainly be missed. I entered into enemy territory yesterday by going over to Tucson Electric Park to purchase tickets to Sunday’s D’back’s game against the Athletics in a quest to see former Rockie Matt Holliday. And once this post is finished I am headed on my way up to Tempe for the Rockies and Angels at 1pm.


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