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85 wins…

It’s Fat Tuesday and the final day of Mardi Gras! This is probably my final post before jumping on a plane tomorrow headed for spring training, so I’m going to make it quick (sort of). Dave Krieger of the Rocky Mountain News has the Rockies winning 85 games this season and not making the playoffs. I dont know if I agree with that totally. I havent had time to thoroughly study the division as a whole to give a win total and who will finish where in the NL West. But like most critics or so called “experts”, I think the Dodgers will finish in the 1st place as Arizona always starts the season out strong, but injuries always catch up with them and in late season fashion more times than not they seem to falter. I dont think we have to worry about the Padres or the Giants for that matter. The Rockies problem will be trying to keep out of their own way and just go out and play ball. It could be a magical season, (think 2007) but dont bet on it. But it will be an interesting season full of ups and downs and the target will remain on Hurdle all season as to when he will be fired. I think Dan O’Dowd doesnt have the balls to outright fire Hurdle. I am going to go out on a limb and bet ownership will have to step in and get rid of both Hurdle and Dealin’ Dan. Yes, there I said it! Ownership will actually have to do something this season unlike others. Part of me hopes the Rockies have a competitive season and we go unnoticed and make some noise, but there’s a small part of me that really wouldn’t mind seeing the Rox have a subpar season just to get Hurdle and O’Dowd out of town. Anyway this is supposed to be a short post as time is ticking for my departure tomorrow to Tucson with last minute things to get done here at work. I will say that the Rockies will 2nd in the NL West, 2 games ahead of Arizona. Dont ask me how many wins because we know the NL West is still a pretty weak division overall, probably weaker than last season. Please note this prediction may change after I return from spring training.

I’m on the first flight out tomorrow and I’ll be heading straight to Hi Corbett once the plane lands, no stops in between to watch a little practice and then the game against the D’backs. Hope to see you in Tucson!


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