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Francis speaks…

“The best case scenario is that I am pitching off the mound in the next three or four days,” he said. “Hopefully I start to build up and by the end of spring I will be able to be in a game.

“If all goes well, I might be back with the team by May.”

Based on this quote from Jeff Francis in the Tucson Citizen Newspaper on Tuesday, May to me sounds like Francis is being very if not overly optimistic. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but to keep trying to throw on an arm that at best in my opinion, not that I’m a doctor, is maybe feeling 50/50 at best. You risk the chance of further injury to his arm and then if surgery is the only option, then we lose him for the entire season. I certainly will give Jeff credit for giving it the old college try. But instead of last year trying to disguise the problem during the season and then doing nothing about it in the offseason until now possibly, Jeff is putting the team in jeopardy going into the 2009 season. And not knowing how much damage has been done to his arm already going back to last season, there is a good chance of him never fully recovering from this even after surgery. It’s obvious there is some discomfort in Jeff’s arm and if an MRI only shows minimal damage then that would certainly be alot better news than a tear and Francis ending up needing rotator cuff surgery.

“It was just a gradual thing that I have been dealing with for close to a year. You don’t want it to flair up again,” Francis said.

I am hoping for the best for Jeff Francis as we all are. I can only imagine how tough it would be to have to sit out a season, but at this point I dont believe there is any other choice at the moment. The rest of the article from the Tucson Citizen, here.


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