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Brad Hawpe is known for having a strong arm in right field for the Rockies, and he also has a strong sense of optimism about the upcoming season when he spoke to the Associated Press about the loss of Matt Holliday and the return of Helton and Tulo from injury and a subpar season in 2007.

“Those are two of the better players in the National League,” Hawpe said. “We lost one of the better players in the league and we’re getting two back. I think we’re looking pretty good.”

Just from this statement you can tell that Hawpe is totally a team first type of player. I dont necessarily agree with his overall statement but I like his enthusiasm. The part I dont totally agree with is that Hawpe is saying that they are getting two of the better players in the league back in Helton and Tulo. Tulo yes, Helton, not so much. Helton while still a solid player is surely on the back nine of his career. The recent decline in production support it, as well as now the lingering back problem. Helton is still one of the more feared batters at the plate mostly because he is patient and more opposing pitchers still pitch around Helton than those who go after him head on.

For the rest of the article click here.


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