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Mount Rockmore?.. You gotta be joking, right?

Yesterday the Rocky Mountain News wanted to know who the readers would vote for as the 4 Rockies they would want to see in a drawn up mock of Mount Rushmore called “Mount Rockmore”. It’s things like this that let you know it’s been a slow news day at the RMN and why the newspaper isn’t making any money and is up for sale.  

If I had to pick who I thought to be the 4 faces to put on this so called “monument” I could easily say that there would not be any Rockies pitchers. Year in and year out there hasnt been enough consistency for one and there has not been any one pitcher to be dominant enough to garner even a hall of fame thought, no less a place upon a mock monument by a struggling newspaper. I know this is supposed to be all in fun by the RMN and thank God there is no such monument even being planned. It’s bad enough we have to look at that hideous blue bronco on our way out to DIA.

OK, so here are my four faces for “Mount Rockmore”. First would be Don Baylor. For the obvious reason of being the first manager ever. The one to take them to their first playoffs in ’95 and also for being the one to groom Todd Helton into the all-star he has been. Second would be of course Todd Helton for obvious reasons like his career numbers, his dedication to the organization and his value in the community. Third on my list would be former general manager Bob Gebhard. His building of the team into what would be later known as the Blake Street Bombers is in my book not given enough credit for what he did for baseball in this town. I’m sure there are some things he would’ve done some things differently towards the end of his tenure, but he deserves to be here. Fourth to go on the mount would be a real toss up between Vinny Castilla and Larry Walker, but I think I’m giving the nod to Vinny. Walker’s longevity alone (10 years, second only to Helton) is enough to get him on this make believe mountain, not to mention his overall numbers, power at the plate and the way he played right field. Vinny’s numbers are also impressive, 239 HRs, and 745 RBIs in his 9 seasons in which 2 seasons finishing with the same batting average of .304, same homerun total (40) and RBI total(113) in 1996 and 1997.

So there you have my four faces of “Mount Rockmore”, but unlike the Rocky Mountain News, mine include more than just players.


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