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In the aftermath of A-Rod’s admission (finally) and apology for using performance enhancing drugs during 2001-2003 during his stint with the Texas Rangers. I’ve decided to sort of play devil’s advocate with the Rockies and wonder whether or not they are as squeaky clean as they themselves want us to believe or is there some dirt that we the general public and fans dont know about. After a really slow week of news about the Rockies, the news about A-Rod is the kind of news I almost wish would happen in the aspect of livening up what has been a rather boring offseason.

I’m not suggesting the Rockies need a scandal to become more interesting, but let’s be real for a minute, the most we ever hear about is usually the front office and its ineptness to properly do their jobs on and off the field. We had “Ticketgate” two seasons ago and the problems with selling of World Series tickets at Coors Field. We’ve seen “Venison-gate” when Barmes broke his collarbone walking up the stairs carrying a slab of meat. Our own trip into the steroid era last offseason when Matt Herges and Glenallen Hill admitted to use earlier in their careers, but not while with the Rockies. There have been quiet rumblings from a small number of baseball fans across the country as to whether or not Todd Helton had been juicing at one point in time. The biggest scandal at the corner of 20th and Blake, had to do with Denny Neagle’s dealings in 2004 with a prostitute and then later some arrests for drunken driving.

Maybe just maybe the Rockies are really baseball’s good guys. But with A-Rod lying about his use of PED’s and now Miguel Tejada being charged with lying to Congress, it has to make fans begin to wonder about who else is not telling the truth about not just steroids but anything else in Major League Baseball. So I ask, are the Rockies as immune to the steroid scandal as we are led to believe or any bad press for that matter? Or are they just very good at keeping things out of the media?


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