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100_0564So I decided to post a couple of photos from Saturday’s Rockiesfest at Coors Field and give you a little bit of a review of the day’s activities.

The day started off with fans lined up outside of the first base side of the stadium nearly an hour before the scheduled 10am opening. The idea of the day’s events seemed to be very well thought out by the Rockies, so I will certainly give them credit where credit is due. There were autograph booths, interview sessions, opportunities to take photographs with your favorite Rockies player, whether major league as well as minor league prospects. There was plenty to keep the little ones occupied. The kids section had video games, 2K8 baseball and Guitar Hero as well. Of course there was Dinger signing autographs and taking pictures. There was also a storytelling area where Rockies players read stories to children. Plenty of booths to interact and gather information from the FSN television booth to the 850 KOA play by play booth, to season ticket information and even reps from the Tucson visitors center to name a few. Click on thumbnails for larger version.

Overall the event was a good time, honestly better than I expected. What I liked is that it didn’t go on for too long and the number of activities were plenty.  I’m hoping that if this becomes an annual event that the Rockies will continue to improve and next year include the general public and not just season ticket holders.


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