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On a day of celebration for Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice both being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame today and myself being on my sickbed today I had a long time to think about who would be the Rockies first player to someday make it into the hall of fame. The Hall is not an easy place to get into, just ask Jim Rice and others before him. Rice having to wait for his 15th and final try to make it in maybe would’ve been better to just pay the $16.50 admission fee and just hold a personal sit-in of his own.

The Rockies throughout their existence havent had the players that make that certain impact on the game  that other teams have had throughout their histories. Other than Todd Helton no other Rockies players have had such a long storied career here in Denver. That alone makes it hard for the Rockies to get many players into the hall of fame. You can make a case for Larry Walker, but let’s face it his last couple of seasons here he didnt play very much or well for that matter and I believe that when it’s his turn for the Hall, that he may go in wearing an Expos uniform and not a Rockies unfiorm. So the question begs as to who of the Colorado Rockies would be the first player to get in? Todd Helton is a shoe-in, but will he be the first? I’d like to believe that if Matt Holliday keeps up his current level of play, that he will one day be a HOFer and you’d likely see him going in wearing a Rockies uniform. As far as the pitching staff is concerned, there is no one that I believe to be even close to getting to Cooperstown, no less the Hall.

The numerous changes in the direction of the team continues to create a revolving turnstile of players who for whatever reasons at times are not here long enough to make an impact. I dont see that changing as long as Dan O’Dowd is running or should I say ruining this team. Dont look for many Rockies to make it into the Hall anytime soon.


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