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Rockies in a Fogg?

This is truly one of the things that has become so frustrating about the Rockies. One minute they say that they’re set to let the current roster compete in spring training and the next as of today they’re still interested in signing Josh Fogg. What is the love affair between the Rockies and Josh Fogg? I can’t comprehend it whatsoever. Sure he was a part of the 2007 World Series team, great we get that. And we know the pitching staff does need a 5th starter, but come on, let’s be real for once in our baseball lives Rockies! Fogg was erratic at best in 2007 and with Hurdle shuffling the pitching staff as much as he chews gum, there is no guarantee of what Fogg could do for this team, this season. Last season in Cincinnati, Fogg was even worse going 2-7 with an ERA of 7.58. This just shows again how lame Dan O’Dowd is when it comes to finding pieces to fill out a roster. Bad economy or not, this in my opinion is a bad move should this happen as there are 4 other teams also interested in Fogg.


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