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Rockies New Years resolutions…

I’ve had this thought in my head since before the new year about what would the Rockies resolutions should be for the new year so I thought I would give you a few of what I’ve come up with.

#1. The Rockies should resolve not be as bad as they were last season and this season make it to the playoffs. 

#2. Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd should resolve to obtain the right players before the trade deadline if the Rockies are in playoff contention.

#3. Clint Hurdle should resolve to not place a different lineup on the field each game of the season.

#4. Jeff Francis should resolve to returning to his form of 2007 and not his form of 2008.

#5. The Rockies should resolve to be have better relations with their fans.

#6. The Rockies should resolve to rid themselves of their mascot Dinger.

#7. Rockies pitching coach Bob Apodaca should resolve to retire or find a different profession.

#8. Clint Hurdle and Dan O’Dowd should resolve to do the same.

#9. In these difficult economic times, and for other reasons, Todd Helton should resolve to taking a 50% paycut.

and finally…

#10. The Rockies organization should resolve to putting the best product on the field in 2009.


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