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Happy New Year!

Happy Belated New Year! I took some time off from the blogosphere for a few days and now I’m ready to resume my coverage of the Rockies. The Luis Vizcaino for Jason Marquis was apparently finalized today. This adds a sorely needed 4th starter to the rotation and leaves the 5th spot open for competition.

The Rockies are also holding their winter development workouts beginning today at Coors Field.

Todd Helton is rehabbing his back and hopes to be ready for opening day, but that remains to be seen. Alot of that will depend on how much he is able to play in spring training. I believe will be sparingly, but who knows. Helton and Barmes were spotted at the Nuggets game against the Pacers last night at the Pepsi Center.

As reported on the website this week, the Rockies seem to be content with what they have going into spring training. What should we fans take from this? Here my take and that is the fans can expect another down year for the Rockies right from first pitch this season. I hope I am wrong, but the only thing to be really excited about so far with this team is who will carry this team now that Matt Holliday has moved to Oakland. The one bright spot is that we are in the NL West and right now until Manny signs with the Dodgers or Giants, there is no real team to see as a front runner for most of the season in this division.

Are the Rockies a better team going into the 2009 season? My answer to that is, NO. Not when you lose a 25-30 homerun hitter in Holliday and not to mention losing 96 stolen bases between Holliday and Taveras last season. Talk about being in a deficit, the Rockies from a production standpoint are in a hole they may not be able to dig themselves out of this season. Meaning this season the pitching staff will have even more pressure to keep runs and mistakes to a minimum against opposing teams more than they did last season. The Rockies will not be able to believe they can continue to play from behind each game. Being behind by 4-5 runs after the first few innings puts alot of pressure on the offense to score and also uses up alot more energy in doing so. Sure it makes for exciting games and maybe a highlight or two extra on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight or even the new MLB Network, but that will become old news really fast.

Here’s to a new year and to new optimism for a strong, and winning  season for the Rockies this year.


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