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Winter Meetings Day 2…

Coming out of Las Vegas yesterday the Rockies go left in signing lefty reliever Alan Embree from Oakland. What is it with dealing with the Athletics? Next thing you know the Rockies will be wearing green and gold and the A’s will wear purple and black! I dont know if I like this signing, maybe only because the need for a lefty in the pen. He’s experienced sure, and his season was not the best, but I like it alot more than the continued pursuit of Tim Redding, but hey I’m not the general manager. Of course in typical Rockies fashion for whatever reason this signing will not be announced until after the Rule 5 Draft on Thursday according to the Denver Post. The Rockies seem to be scared of going after quality pitching. They’d rather go after the pitchers who they believe they can turn into solid starters and better their careers, but usually happens after the pitcher has left the team and is having career years elsewhere. I’m not suggesting they make a run after a CC Sabathia, but why not maybe a Jake Peavy? Oh yea I remember, it’s the ghost of Mike Hampton still hovering around in O’Dowd’s office, a ghost of Christmas past if you will.


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