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Winter Meetings Day 1…

The Rockies were quiet as kept on day 1 of the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas yesterday. So in this case, no news is just that , no news. Though this morning there is the rumblings of Glendon Rusch resigning with the Rockies, sounds like a one year deal. And there is also Garrett Atkins name being mentioned in a possible 3 team deal with the Rays and Twins for some pitching.

Dan O’Dowd has made it a point to say that there is no pressure to do anything during the meetings. For one who has done nothing since the season ended but blame the players, and made Holliday look like the bad guy before trading him to Oakland for nearly nothing in return. Wasnt it he (O’Dowd), who did nothing to try and trade for a top level pitcher to help bolster the pitching staff for a late run at the playoffs? Although I had high (more like false) hopes with the signing of Livan Hernandez, he was a joke, he didnt want to be here, and is no longer a top level pitcher.

While I do agree somewhat with O’Dowd, that he doesnt have to pull off any trades this week, he’d better begin do something more than continue to lead the fans on in believing he is actually trying to better this ballclub.


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