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Rumors fuel Winter Meetings…

As we all know nothing fuels the Winter Meetings and fans juices as much as trade rumors. Who’s being traded, who’s not. How many teams are involved. What a team is or isnt looking for, etc. And nothing is for sure during these meetings until a trade is finalized over the next 4 days with so many options that are to be explored. We know the Rox are looking for left handed pitching and maybe a center fielder. Garrett Atkins may or may not remain in a Rockies uniform. Fuentes has rejected the Rockies offer for arbitration. This leads me to believe that he and his agent have recently received something definite going into Vegas this week or he wants to gamble on any possible deal coming his way, as the Mets still remain to be the front runners for Fuentes. Fuentes is scheduled to meet with Mets GM Omar Minaya this week in Las Vegas. There’s still talk of moving either Taveras or Torrealba. Huston Street could also be moved, possibly to Minnesota for Delmon Young. I dont know if I like that scenario, it creates another logjam in the outfield and at the same time losing a pitcher.

As fans we have no idea of what can and will transpire at these meetings and in reality neither do the GMs, players and agents. It’s really a large crapshoot. So for us fans it’s really a game of wait and see. Dont expect anything of blockbuster proportion to happen with the Rox, but again anything is possible, but highly unlikely. So like many of you I too will keep constant check on the internet to see what moves have been made. Let’s hope the Rockies do something to visibly improve this team, instead of just giving away the farm and coming back to Denver with nothing in return to show for it.


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