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Rockies FanFest Jan 24th…

The Rockies announced today they will be holding their first annual fanfest in 2009 on Jan 24th at Coors Field. There aren’t a whole lot of details at the moment other than there will be autograph and interview sessions and some interactive games.

I have a couple of problems with this brainchild of a fanfest. One is that this idea is a year too late. The first fanfest should’ve been in 2008 after going to the 2007 World Series, when there was great momentum going into and during the offseason.

The next problem is that the Rockies should take a page out of the Broncos playbook and hold the fanfest over the entire weekend instead of just one day. Sell tickets and donate the proceeds to charity. And not only limit this to season ticket holders. They are currently limiting this to the first 5000 season ticket holders for this event. Bad idea. Are there even that many season ticket holders left after the Matt Holliday trade?

Proof again that the front office doesn’t seem to gather enough if any information from other sources, teams, whatever and come up with a plan to satisfy more fans than they regularly piss off. Remember the playoff ticket fiasco in 2007? I’m betting they all sit around a huge table and whatever comes out they run with it. I hope they can come to some sense of how they can hold this event for the public instead of their own little “private club gathering” of season ticket holders.


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