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Should He Stay or Should He Go?…

The Rockies have until 10pm(MST) tonight to make Brian Fuentes an offer in arbitration. If you’ve know me, you know I believe that Fuentes should remain in a Rockies uniform. Dan O’Dowd has to make himself look good in the public eye at least and offer Fuentes arbitration. Last season’s Corpas experiment didnt work out so well, if at all, and I cant say right now that I believe that he will be any better in 2009, one can only hope. It wouldn’t be a necessarily bad problem to have 2 able-bodied closers in Fuentes and Corpas, especially considering the amount of Corpas’ current contract.

I hope Fuentes stays, but he has options and he should explore them. The one thing in favor to the Rockies is the current state of the economy and that maybe teams that are fishing for a closer wont pay as much as previously speculated. That’s not to say the Rockies will come away cheap in dealings with Fuentes, but they can come away better off when looking at the overall payroll. Stay tuned to see if O’Dowd keeps his word on offering Fuentes arbitration.


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