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You Know the Economy’s Bad When…

Clint Hurdle keeps Bob Apodaca on as pitching coach while letting 3 other coaches go this afternoon, according to the Denver Post. Read about it here.

Now maybe it’s just me but when pitching throughout the season has not been all it was cracked up to be at the beginning of the season then Bob should have been the first guy out the door. Maybe along with the Rockies front office or at the least Dan O’Dowd. His failure to go after better pitching during the season while still stockpiling prospects in the farm system is inexcusable. Reassigning bullpen coach Rick Mathews brings little comfort if any, he too should be gone. Why not reassign Apodaca instead? Permanently! Mike Gallego the third base coach, letting him go was a good idea. I never really cared for him in that position. What does a third base coach do anyway? That’s like asking Joe Biden and Sarah Palin what it is that a Vice President does. Gone too are bench coach Jamie Quirk and hitting instructor Alan Cockrell. I’m truly not sorry to see any of them leave.

You cant blame Hurdle for what he ultimately had to do in hopes of saving his job next season. Dan O’Dowd put the pressure on Hurdle a few weeks ago in trying to also save his ass, uh, I mean job also. But neither of them are out of the woods yet and wont be until probably the end of the 2009 season. If the Monforts, O’Dowd and Hurdle care about this team, then the only results that are acceptable are getting back to the playoffs. An improvement over this season’s 74-88 record simply will not cut it. The Rockies must get into the playoffs in 2009.

This also just in from the Denver Post. The Rockies lineup is starting to change, The Rox exercised their buyout option of Matt Herges’ contract.


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