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Playoff Predictions, Division Series…

Brewers vs Phillies – Can the Phils make up for last season’s sweep at the hand of the Rockies? We’ll have to see. There’s something about the Brewers that I do like, that can’t quite put my finger on. Can Philadelphia finally get to the promised land and win the World Series? As any well versed Philly native will tell ya, Philly teams always find a way to choke. If the Phils win today, then they would’ve already made up for last season’s playoffs. My heart says the Phillies win this series, but my gut for some reason says the Brewers in 4.

Dodgers vs Cubs – 100 years later can the Cubs win the World Series? Sure it makes for a great heartwarming story and the Cubs have a team this year that finally looks like it can end the long century old drought. But it will not be easy. The Dodgers are different and better since the Manny factor came to LA and Torre on the bench as manager is a major plus. It’s going to be an interesting series, probably the most watched outside of the Boston metro area. Manny and Company take the Dodgers to the next round, the Cubs will have to wait another year.

Red Sox @ Angels – The Angels, are hard to deny when it comes to the playoffs with Scioscia at the helm. The Angels should give the Red Sox more for their money this time around now that they’re healthy. But the Red Sox are seriously not to be denied. They seem to turn it up a notch when it comes to playoff time. All Rockies fans, like Yankees fans will want to see the Red Sox lose. Angels take this series in 6, but please… no rally-monkeys.

White Sox @ Rays – Imagine if only the Rays had changed their uniforms and name a few years ago. The Red Sox may not have won the World Series in 2005 and 2007. No seriously the Rays have always had a load of talent but not anyone to bring that talent to the forefront until this season. The White Sox played 2 extra games to get in the playoffs, so are they legitimately on enough of a winning streak to move past the Rays? I’m not too sure. But if you take the Rockies from last season who needed an extra game to get into the playoffs, then as you know anything is possible. Sure the whole state of Illinois is wishing for an all Chicago World Series, but let’s take it one series at a time. The Rays, another feel good story this season is as it seems almost destined to win it all, but it wont be easy getting by Thome, Swisher, and Dye. If the Sox go down early in this series look for Ozzie Guillen to say something stupid to motivate his team to move on to the next round.

My picks….Angels, White Sox, Dodgers, Brewers


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