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The Final Three…

So here we are down to the final three games of the season at Coors Field. I will admit that my last post was written mostly out of frustration with the team and the season more than anything. Greater expectations are to happen once you’ve made it as far as the Rockies did last season, to the World Series. Expectations were really high coming out of spring training, but I believe that as the season went on and the team improved in the standings and on the field that the expectations, became more. This is where the base of my frustrations lie and it’s the same for many other fans of this team. My other frustrations come from the front office and their pathetic attempts at squashing any rumors of trading Matt Holliday and as of late Garrett Atkins. Management, being Hurdle and mostly Apodaca both get a pass from me on this season, but next season I wont be so forgiving. The season blew up in both of their faces, especially the pitching and at times so did the hitting. Hurdle’s inconsistenicies in fielding a stable everyday lineup were a joke, as if we never left spring training. And while I’m mentioning spring training, it will be back here before we know it, but for right now I want to enjoy the final 3 games this weekend at Coors Field sweeping the D’Backs and then sit back and watch them finish out the season on the road. Expect to see Helton in pinch hitting role this homestand and maybe even start at first base for a game.


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