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Counting Down the Days…

Let’s be real for a minute can we? Last night’s game was as boring of a game as I have seen in a while. Greg Reynolds who has good stuff, was predictable to say the least on the mound. He likes to keep the ball down low in the strike zone and rarely does he mix things up by going up unless it’s a mistake in his pitching. We all know that at Coors Field ground ball pitchers are what you want in order to keep the ball in play and not soaring out over the fences and into the bullpen. He lack of mixing it up last night was not in order. Taylor Buchholz who made his second appearance of the season due to injury, did ok until the 2 run shot he gave up. All and all the pitching made it into a really long night at Coors Field. Tulo’s grandslam made the game more interesting, but the game did seem to go on forever.

Watching this game made me start to count down the days left in the season, although I’ve been counting down now for a little over 2 weeks. The Rockies are done this year and 2007 World Series seems like a distant memory though not yet faded. There is still some hustle going on on the field, Taveras, Holliday, Hawpe and others. The Rockies want to show the fans that though they’re not making it to the playoffs this year that they are still a team to be proud of and will fight til the bitter end. That’s good, but I also hope to see promises of whats to come positively next season. And surely as the season closes Hurdle will pepper the lineup with the youngsters of the organization, thats to be expected. I am excited about the future of the Rockies, but for me the possibilities of next season are what I care about most. But until then I will be counting down the days until the final game of the season at Coors Field, 5 more to go.


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