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Reds Alert…

Eight was enough for the Reds Friday night against the Rockies. Livan Hernandez was roughed up through 4 innings. The Rockies left 13 runners on base, including bases loaded with no outs and ended the inning to a small chorus of boos from the crowd not having scored in the 5th. Used to be the Rockies couldnt win on the road, but took care of business when at home, but as of late that hasn’t happened. The Rockies over the last 2 road trips have gone 11-5 and over the last two homestands including tonight’s game having gone 3-8. If this trend continues, the Rockies can go ahead now and pack their bags before September gets here as 15 of the first 18 are at home.
I’m an optimistic person and tonight I’ve told a few people that I believe we can still get into the playoffs. But with nights like these, the more I begin to look like I’m going to have to eat my words of optimism.

Saturday night is Todd Helton Bobblehead night and the first 10000 will receive one. But some people may want to possibly attend Saturday night for a different reason. Though nothing to my knowledge has been confirmed, but there are rumblings around Coors Field of possibly a certain person of extreme importance this week here in Denver could maybe be attending a Rockies game. I will keep my eyes open.

The minor leagues are wrapping up their seasons over the next 2 weeks. So if you havent made it to Colorado Springs, Tulsa, Asheville, Modesto, Tri City or to Casper your window of opportunity is getting smaller.

Team USA…Rockies in Beijing…

Team USA after being throttled by Cuba 10-2, beats Japan to capture the bronze medal 8-4. Stats were not available at time of posting.


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