blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Dodging a Bullet…

Rockies win again over the Dodgers 4-3 last night but not without a little help from the Dodgers themselves and gamw winning RBI by Brad Hawpe. The Rockies have now won 5 in a row and look to sweep the Dodgers this afternoon. With a win today the Rockies would be 6-0 against manager Joe Torre in the last 2 seasons, sweeping the Yankees in 3 games at Coors Field last season. The last time the Rockies came home from a winning record on the road, they tanked at home going 3-7 mostly against lesser teams in the Nationals and Padres. So let’s hope that doesnt happen this time when they are home for 3 games this weekend against the Reds. The Rox are now sitting 6 games back of the 2nd place Dodgers and 8 still behind Arizona, who keeps winning by beating the Padres (something the Rockies couldn’t do) 8-6.

Rockies in Beijing… Team USA update…

Team USA 4, Japan 2

Dexter Fowler went 2 for 3, scoring a run.
Casey Weathers in 1 inning of work threw 24 pitches, 16 for strikes, giving up 2 hits, 2 runs, a walk and struck out 1.

Next opponent…Cuba on Friday


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