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Zoned Out….

Let’s start here, 7th inning, you’re down 4-2, runners on first and third, 1 out and your leadoff hitter and fastest man on the team is at the plate in Willy Taveras who is 0 for 3 on the night and not much better in the homestand. He hits into a double play to end the inning. Are you kidding me?! Whose idea was it for Taveras to hit and not instead lay down a bunt towards third to advance the runner from first to second and possibly get himself on as well? Thus giving Tulowitzki a shot to drive in a run or two with a base hit. These are the kinds of decisions that make nights at Coors Field at times frustrating and leave one to wonder if the team is expecting to run off another 21 out of 22 like they did last season. Even if Taveras doesnt make it to first safely, you would now have two runners in scoring position with the better chance of tying the game.

It looks to me that the Rockies aren’t playing using basic fundamentals of the game. There doesnt seem to be that killer instinct. Consistency is key here and when you look at the lineup that Hurdle puts on the field, you dont see any. One day Tulo is batting in the 8th spot, the next he’s batting in the two spot. Put the best players on the field and stop managing the game from what at times feels like a spring training standpoint. This isn’t little league so stop managing the team like it. These guys are old enough to not be upset if they aren’t in the game every day and Hurdle, you sure aren’t going to have to answer to any upset parents if their kid doesnt play.

I mentioned that the Rockies look like they aren’t playing with a killer instinct, well emotion seems to be another thing lacking as well. I dont want 21 out of 22, I’ll be happy with winning 5 out of 6. This town really wants to get behind this team and if you look at the attendance, you will see that it has. But the reality is this, the wildcard is not going to get the Rockies into the playoffs. The Rockies are too far below .500 for that to happen. Once they realize that winning the NL West is the only way to get in, maybe we’ll see more of a fight to make the playoffs, but at the moment, I don’t see that happening. There’s still time left to make a run and plenty of games against NL West teams to end up on top, but today it has to start with a win. Francis makes his second start since his return from Doulble A Tulsa.

Following the Leaders…

Dodgers win over the Phils, 4-3.

Dodgers host Phillies @ 7:10pm
Rockies host D’Backs @ 7:05pm


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