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Walking the Line…

What looked like another night of subpar baseball by the Rockies came to be a comeback desperately needed if the Rockies are going to remain in the hunt for a playoff spot come October. Nationals pitching fell apart and the Rockies for once in this series were able to take advantage of it. The Rockies will have to play better than .500 ball the rest of the season, take care of beating the Diamondbacks and Dodgers, to in reality get into the postseason. They’re too many games right now below .500 to think about a wildcard, but that still can change. They need to think about catching the 2nd place Dodgers then the Diamondbacks. They can seriously close that gap with the D-Backs in town next week.

Jeff Francis returns to the mound for the Rockies tonight after 3 rehab starts in Tulsa. Jorge De La Rosa had a solid performance in last night’s start, but now with the addition of Livan Hernandez off of waivers, dont expect to see De La Rosa up with the Rockies for the rest of the season. The pickup of Hernandez should certainly be a lift to the pitching rotation and with having Jeff Francis back as well. Hernandez overall has had solid outings at Coors Field in his time with the Marlins, Giants, D’Backs, and Nationals.

After last night’s victory, I ‘m looking for the Rockies to have a little more of a swagger tonight. There will be more excitement with Francis back and starting and pciking up from where they left off last night should not be a problem. Francis who is known for having troubles in the first inning of most games, has to get through the first inning (and maybe the second), once he does that (crossing fingers) things should be fine after that.

Following the Leaders…
Dodgers are at the Cards and the D’Backs are home against the Pirates.

After meeting Casper Ghosts first baseman, Chad Jacobsen last weekend. I have decided to do something where I will following the progress of a particular player throughout their season at least once a week. So Chad will be the single prospect to follow for the rest of the Ghosts season. The Ghosts do not play tonight, but Chad Jacobsen went 1-4 in last night’s game against the Owlz, batting .265.


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