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Down on the Farm (Part 3) Casper Ghosts…

Well the first day here in Casper has been pretty good. I made a phone call this morning to the Ghosts office to see if the gift shop was open before the game. Though the store was not open there wasn’t any problem getting someone from the front office to allow me into the gift shop so I could buy some of the hottest selling souvenirs in minor league baseball before game time. If you don’t have a Casper Ghosts cap, then you should get on the ball, cause they literally cant keep them in stock. The team wears 3 different caps and each cap features a glow in the dark logo, which is part of the reason these are hard to keep in stock.

I met some really great baseball people this weekend. One chance meeting was that of meeting and talking to team owner, Kevin Haughian. Later during the game I was seated behind the proud grandparents of Ghosts first baseman and Colorado native, Chad Jacobsen, His grandparents mentioned that Chad had been swinging a bat since he was 6 years old. Chad Jacobsen (6’1″, 210lbs) played college ball at the University of South Carolina at Aiken and was drafted by the Rockies in the 18th round of the 2008 draft. I was able to meet and talk to Chad before Sunday’s game against the Orem Owlz. Chad went 3 for 5 Saturday against Ogden and 2 for 3 on Sunday against Orem. He is currently batting .265 with 3 homers and 19 runs batted in. Certainly someone to keep an eye on in the future.

Getting photos at Mike Lansing Field before the game isnt a chore by any means. I will post more photos on Monday. You can really do your own self guided tour and get some photos that you aren’t able to get at most ballparks, major or minor league. It’s one of the things I like about the minor league atmosphere. The Ghosts have a well run organization and are proud of what they bring to the Casper community. The in-game promotions are fun and the PA announcer is hilarious to say the least. There’s a raffle to help raise money for little league baseball in Casper, which I was more than happy to donate to. The small and unique stadiums, members of a front office with one title but many many duties and responsibilities, the fans who support the young team, the sometimes one man groundscrew, the tireless hustle of the players, the raggedy old team bus, goofy mascots, these are all things that I still appreciate in minor league baseball having worked in it at one point in my life. The game in it’s purest form can still be found in the minor leagues.


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