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On the Road Again…

As the Willie Nelson song goes. Well the bags are packed, and the humidor has been loaded in the car and this afternoon I will be hitting the road on my way to Casper, Wyoming for some minor league baseball. The Rockies rookie A-ball team the Casper Ghosts are playing the Ogden Raptors tonight and Saturday and on Sunday they take on the Orem Owlz. I wont get to Casper in time to see tonight’s game or to watch the Rockies game in Florida, but the radio will be tuned into 850 KOA to listen on the drive up.
I dont have much of an idea of what to expect, cause I’ve never been to Casper, as this is only my second trip to the state of Wyoming. And I haven’t been to a class A rookie league game in a number of years. Though I’m pretty sure Casper is nothing like the roadtrip I took to Kansas City back in June.

Tickets for Saturday night’s game have already been scored, mostly because there is a giveaway that night. Sunday will probably just be a walk up purchase. From looking at previous home dates for the Ghosts it doesn’t look as though they have completely sold out a game, even on Fireworks nights which are on Fridays. Mike Lansing Field, home of the Ghosts has a capacity of 2500. It doesn’t mean that baseball isnt big in Casper, it just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I’m sure the people of Casper are happy to have a team and happy to be a part of the Rockies farm system. This will be the third feature of the Down on the Farm series beginning with a post tomorrow and again on Sunday. though it will be really late. I will probably not post again today, due to being on the road, so tomorrow night expect some pictures and analysis of the team, the stadium and the game. Hopefully I can get some Rockies stuff posted as well.


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