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103 Reasons…

“Reasons” a song by famed group Earth, Wind and Fire came into my head as Brian Fuentes recorded another save in last night’s game over the Pittsburgh Pirates. I dont think it needs to be explained in great detail, but there are now 103 reasons that the Rockies should not trade Brian Fuentes. I’ve said it before, the Rockies should they make it in the playoffs, will not advance in the playoffs without Fuentes. Manny Corpas has gotten better over the past few weeks, but he’s still not as effective as he was last season in the role as a closer. Sure the trade deadline is only hours away and anything still can happen, but I just dont see it. The Rockies front office has done stupid things in the past and we shouldn’t be surprised should a trade take place. The need for a fifth starter is a little evident, but I’m not so sure that maybe the Rockies are looking at that need a little more than they need to. Once Francis returns to the starting rotation, assuming he returns to his form of last season, the Rox will be fine. Cook, De La Rosa, Jimenez, Francis and I will say Glendon Rusch as the fifth, should help to take the Rockies closer to making the playoffs. The idea of trading for clubhouse favorite Josh Fogg isnt my idea of a proven solution and the only reason this trade could happen is that the Rockies would be giving up very little to bring Fogg back.

Keep your eyes open as the deadline is as of right now less than 4 hours away, but I dont see the Rockies making any moves.

1 day til the humidor and I hit Casper for some baseball with Rockies rookie A-ball team the Casper Ghosts.


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