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Play It Again…

I know I wasnt the only person who felt as though watching tonight’s game against the Pirates was a virtual repeat of last night’s game. Briefly….Rockies jump out first to lead, pitching suffers and somewhere in the 5th and 6th innings, the Rockies completely fall apart. It was the same game two nights in a row. I was beginning to feel as though I had tivo’ed Monday night’s game. The Rockies will need to make up for tonight’s game tomorrow. Glendon Rusch did a good job on the hill tonight, but what followed wasn’t up to par, causing the Rockies to drop their second straight and currently 3-2 on the roadtrip so far. I dont want to say it but the Rox need to win 3 of the remaining 5 road games to come home to Coors Field over .500 for the trip. This will keep the team in the running for the NL West title. It’s still too early to panic, but if the Rox continue t0 play as they have these last two games then the title will certainly be out of reach.
Last month I made mention of the fact that the Rockies haven’t worn their purple alternate jerseys this season. Well if you were watching the game George Frazier answered that question the same way I did in my earlier post, that the starting pitcher chooses what jersey the team wears. Then later coming back after being informed and saying that the purple jerseys are out all together. Which in my opinion is a shame, cause the purple is what sets this team apart from other teams in that they’re not the usual red or blue you see on most teams. The Rockies have hardly worn their road grey jerseys this season, still opting for the black vested jerseys which are hideous in my opinion, looking like cheap knockoffs of the Oakland Raiders football jerseys. It’s like they’re scared of wearing purple. Why? When so many of the winning streaks the team had last season came with the Rockies wearing their purple jerseys. Major League Baseball should ban all teams from having a black jersey with the exception of the Pirates, Orioles and maybe the White Sox. We know the reason most teams do it is because of marketing, but that doesnt always translate into a good idea or better jersey sales. Example, the New York Mets. I was a Mets fan at one time in my life, during the days of Strawberry and Gooden, the ’86 World Series and beyond. The Mets blue and orange colors was all there was, there wasnt an ugly black jersey or a black cap like you see today. I’m hoping the Rockies someday will bring back the purple jersey but maybe as a vested jersey instead and get rid of the current black jersey.

3 days until the humidor travels to Casper, Wyoming for a weekend of Casper Ghosts games.


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