blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Down on the Farm (Part2), Colorado Springs SkySox photos…

While the Rockies were pounding and sweeping the Reds in Cincinnati, I was burning up in Colorado Springs watching the Rockies triple A SkySox lose to the Oklahoma Redhawks, 4-2. Here are more photos and a short video clip from my time yesterday at Security Service Field. Enjoy!An hour before first pitch. A gorgeous day for baseball in Colorado Springs.
Stupid mascot get outta the way!!!

The future of Rockies baseball? Chris Frey, Adam Melhuse and Kenny Perez.

SkySox First baseman, Joe Koshansky.

Second baseman Jayson Nix on deck.
SkySox centerfielder, Cory Sullivan on deck while shortstop Mike McCoy leads off.

SkySox Starting pitcher Josh Hall’s work through 6 innings giving up 3 runs on 7 hits.

Chris Frey’s attempt to steal 2nd base during a 9th inning rally.


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