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Looking Back…and to the Future…

Let’s get right to it and get into the Good, the BAD, and the UGLY of last night’s all-star game.

The GOOD – The pitching was great for both teams overall last night. Aaron Cook’s 3 scoreless innings were certainly a highlight and NL starter Ben Sheets 2 innings of work were as well. Holliday’s homer to give the National League a 1-0 run in the 5th. Yankee fans keeping the rivalry alive and well by booing Red Sox players and manager Terry Francona. Terry Francona allowing Yankees fans to give ovations to Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera throughout the game. The Hall of Famers in their respective positions during player introductions.

The BAD – JD Drew winning the game MVP(not to mention that ugly white Chevy hybrid SUV), when he didnt win the game for the American League. Sure if it wasnt for his 2 run shot they wouldn’t have been in the position to tie the game at 2. The award should’ve gone to Texas Ranger shortstop Michael Young who drove in the winning run in the 15th. Listening to Tim McCarver ramble on during the all-star game or any game for that matter. Scott Boras smiling as Matt Holliday’s stock just went up even higher after hitting a homer in the 5th.

The UGLY – This one is simple. Florida Marlins infielder, Dan Uggla committing 3 errors in the game which was the turning point and not to mention his going 0-4 at the plate. Should’ve stayed on the DL a little longer.

OK now on to the rest of the season for the Rockies. Looking at the rest of the schedule for July the Rockies seem to have things in their favor, at least on paper anyway. The Pirates are at Coors Field tomorrow for 4 games and the Rockies should take at least 3 out 4. Then they should be able to make up some ground within the division with the Dodgers in right after that for 3 games. Then they hit the road and finish up the month in Cincinnati and at Pittsburgh, which despite previous road woes, they should finish the month on a positive note before heading to Florida.


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