blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…


After going 0-6 on the road and in the middle of a 7 game losing streak the Rockies come home sort of with their tail between their legs. The good thing is that the rest of the NL West hasnt fared much better this past week and we’re still within plenty of reach of the first place Diamondbacks, only 9 games back.

The second half of the season doesnt begin after the all-star break, for the Rockies it begins tonight as they take on the division foe Padres who aren’t doing a whole lot better than the Rox and currently half a game behind the Rockies in last place.

Is it me or does it seem like every time the Padres come to town that Greg Maddux is the starting pitcher of the first game of a series?


The GOOD – Not a whole lot good can be said about this series, except if you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, then we’ll say that the Rockies seem to be on the edge of breaking out of their offensive slump going off of what we saw in the last two games in Detroit. Or we can say that at least their not on the road anymore. But is that a reason for any team to start playing well just by being home?

The BAD – Despite a 2 run homer, Tulo’s still batting .157 and the bullpen has blown saves in the last two games. The homestand doesnt get any easier with the Marlins coming in on Thursday.

The UGLY – Hopefully the errors in the field have gone away and the Rockies can minimize the number of runners left on base or this could be a series of really bad baseball. Nothing to have your kids learn from except maybe what not to do. With both teams struggling we can expect a number of runs to be scored between both teams.


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